Google may have fair uncovered when the iPhone is getting RCS message support

Google may have fair uncovered when the iPhone is getting RCS message support

Apple has as of now told us it’s going to include bolster for the RCS (Wealthy Communication Administrations) informing standard on the iPhone at a few point this year, and presently Google may have fair uncovered when in 2024 the upgrade is going to happen.

A modern landing page for Google Messages (through 9to5Google) says Apple “will be embracing RCS in the drop of 2024”, so we’re looking at September, October, or November. It’ll be spring for those of you in the southern half of the globe, of course.

Or at slightest, that’s what the landing page initially said: it appears this specific bit of data has presently been expelled. Maybe Apple would or maybe it was able to make the declaration itself, when the time comes.

The rest of the Google Messages landing page highlights the different highlights you get with the app on Android. One bit of ad spot says energetic responses are “coming before long” with RCS, recommending you’ll be able to respond to messages with a assortment of visual impacts over both Android and iOS (this is right now taken care of by the app itself, not RCS).

There are too notices of a few of the other highlights we’ve seen rolled out to Google Messages as of late, counting Photomoji (utilizing photographs as stickers) and the choice to have AI type in your messages for you, if you’re missing inspiration.

Spam blocking, end-to-end encryption, and bolster for Wear OS gadgets are given yell outs as well. It’s a comprehensive outline of everything you get with RCS, which Google is pushing as a major change over the ancient SMS standard.

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